Sanat Choob Novin (New wood industry)
Sawmill and wood retail R. Pourghassem in 2011 in a closed area of 500 meters on the road Langerud city in Gilan Province Lahijan “Divshal” was inaugurated.
The service unit includes products and sell all kinds of wood construction and meats Russian wood (fir) and spruce forest and wood door and window manufacturing.The plant with the Imams and trust in the words of the Supreme Leader and resistance economy and improve the quality of local production and distribution of the product in the market with the best quality and reasonable price and exports of goods to foreign countries and job creation has been established and launched.

The factory is equipped with wood cutting machines, shredders bigness, milling, document styrofoam, four hanging doors and windows and beams with professor skilled and experienced is ah.
Among other activities, the center will be clearance of timber Fir timber Russian in bulk in Bandar-e Anzali, Astara and Noshahr and sell hardwood firewood for individuals as much as two meters, two meters high and three meters in ten the diameter of the top ten and fifteen cities across Iran.
Obviously, supply of raw materials and import and export cargo transport is a concern for all economic actors in this field.

3dwoodThe complex is to serve the people of the world.

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